Peter Roberts

Peter Roberts

Associate Professor, Organization and Management
Academic Director, Social Enterprise @ Goizueta
Goizueta Business School

Peter Roberts has conducted research about the evolution of the behavior and performance of organization. Related to this research, he has explored innovation, reputation status and identity, and industry evolution. Roberts has applied his research to the pharmaceutical, hotel, wine, and restaurant industries. He has published in several journals, including the Academy of Management Review, the Administrative Science Quarterly, and the Strategic Management Journal.

Roberts specializes in economic sociology, reputation, strategic management, wine economics, and innovation and firm performance. He has several working papers, including Standards for Quality and the Coordinating Role of Critics and Founder Backgrounds and the Evolution of Firm Size. For the past several years, he has also been spearheading Goizueta’s Social Enterprise Initiative, whose focus is to better understand how business principles and market-based solutions can be applied to address a range of important social issues.

In 2007 and 2008, he gave the best paper presentations at the American Association of Wine Economists Annual Meeting. He also received the George Leland Bach Teaching Award for Excellence in the Classroom from Carnegie Mellon University and the Donald R. Keough Award for Excellence from Goizueta Business School.

Prior to his time at Emory, Roberts was a faculty member of Columbia University, as Carnegie Mellon University, and at the Australian Graduate School of Management

Peter Roberts’ CV in brief:

B.A., Economics, Queen's University, 1988
M.A., Economics, University of Alberta, 1989
Ph.D, Organizational Analysis, University of Alberta, 1996

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