Benefits & Services

Emory alumni can receive a host of services, discounts, and Emory-exclusive resources through the EAA.


Alumni Directory

The Emory alumni directory gives alumni the benefit of being able to search for old friends, former classmates, and alumni in varying cities and/or industries. Sign up now and keep your personal and professional networks active!

Perks and Merchandise

Whether you're back on campus visiting the gym or library, or simply shopping at home, being Emory alumni could mean major savings. On visits to Atlanta, you can save money on hotels or enjoy special access to a variety of Emory venues and events. Get more information and a full list of perks and merchandise.

Alumni Career Services

The EAA's Alumni Career Services offers alumni exclusive access to a wide array of professional development programs and resources—both online and in-person—to assist in managing your career. Register for free email newsletters.

Emory Travel Program

Take the road to discovery with the Emory Travel Program; it's your ticket to the world. There are dozens of trips to every part of the world—ranging from the budget conscious to the extravagant. Many trips include Emory faculty members. Register for free email newsletters.

Educational Enrichment

No matter how far removed you are from Emory, there’s always more to learn. Explore the EAA’s opportunities for continued learning, whether listening to faculty lectures online or attending educational events in your area.

Email Forwarding

Emory alumni are qualified to receive an Emory email address. Sign up today and show your Emory pride by using

Miller-Ward Alumni House

Reasonable, competitive rates and stellar customer service make the Miller-Ward Alumni House the ideal destination for hosting a variety of events—from business meetings or conferences to weddings or elegant parties. For nearly every need, Miller-Ward is the right space for your social gathering or business meeting.