The newest members of the 100 Senior Honorary celebrate.

100 Senior Honorary

Meet the 2021 Class of 100 Senior Honorary

Every year, the Emory Alumni Board and the Student Alumni Board strive to recognize the success of outstanding students and identify emerging alumni leaders from the current senior class. These students are named the 100 Senior Honorary.

These seniors are campus leaders, thought provokers, dynamic athletes, academic mentors, and community influencers. They are committed to their passions and pursuits, and have made significant contributions to the Emory community. And each one is committed to making significant contributions to their alumni communities around the world.

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The 100 Senior Honorary members are chosen from the graduating classes of the undergraduate schools: Oxford College, Emory College, Goizueta Business School, and the School of Nursing.

Because the 100 have demonstrated outstanding achievements on campus, we charge each one with acting as alumni leaders after graduation. The possibilities are endless. Members of the past classes of 100 Senior Honorary mentor upcoming students, serve as admission representatives, are involved in their chapters, join host committees during reunions and serve on leadership boards. There is a place for every talent.

The 100 Senior Honorary Timeline

Nominations are open for one month starting in Early October. Nominations are accepted from students, alumni, faculty and staff. (Students may not nominate themselves.)

Then, a committee comprised of representatives from academic departments, campus life, the OAE, the SAB, and past members of the 100 Senior Honorary classes, come together to review the applications down to the most outstanding 100 senior students.

The honorees are announced in mid-December. Over the following months, the new class of 100 Senior Honorary is invited to special events, introducing them to alumni, resources, and tools that will help equip them as alumni ambassadors.

Who are the best candidates for 100 Senior Honorary?

  • They are deeply committed to their interests, no matter the discipline.
  • They have made outstanding contributions on the Emory campus through academics, athletics, leadership, volunteerism or even personal relationships.
  • They have a love for Emory, intend to stay connected, and accept the challenge to stay committed.

Do you have more questions about the 100 Senior Honorary? Please see our frequently asked questions.

Past Recipient Lists