A legacy family.

How does legacy admission work?

What constitutes legacy status?

In the admission-review process, “legacy” status is for applicants whose immediate relatives have graduated or are currently enrolled in an academic division of Emory University. This includes grandparents, parents, and siblings. Additional family connections (such as uncles, aunts, or cousins) will be tracked by the Office of Undergraduate Admission but do not constitute legacy status.

Do alumni children get special consideration during the admission process?

The undergraduate admission office values the legacy connections of applicants and encourages students to detail their university ties accurately on their applications. The admission staff and Office of Alumni Engagement work closely to document legacy applicants through the admission-review process. During the initial application review, an applicant's legacy status is noted on the review sheet and admission evaluators are instructed to consider the affiliation. In addition, during the committee-review process, there is a separate committee that does an additional review of legacy applicants. Finally, the deans of admission for Emory College and Oxford College closely monitor legacy decisions throughout the entire process.

Legacy families are celebrated with a special medallion at commencement.
Is legacy status an indicator of admission?

Emory University seeks an academically outstanding class every year, so objective information such as curriculum, grades, and test scores is important. In addition, personal attributes, a student's engagement in his or her community, and intellectual curiosity are key factors. This is why the admission-selection process is described as comprehensive and holistic, taking into account a wide range of factors. A legacy connection is considered as part of a student’s application, but it is no way  a guarantee of admission in the highly selective pool of applicants.

How do I alert the admission office to my Emory ties?

A student applies to Emory College and Oxford College by using the online Common Application. When completing the "Family" section of the Common Application, a student will list the educational history of his or her parents. This is one way the Admission Committee learns of legacy ties to any division of Emory University. In addition, through the Emory "Member's Page" of the Common Application, additional family connection questions are asked. Once again, a legacy applicant is encouraged to detail any and all ties to Emory.

Signature Programming for Legacy Families

The Emory Legacy Program recognizes families for making an Emory education part of their family tradition.

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