Alumna volunteer.

Volunteer Toolkit

Thank you for volunteering with your local alumni chapter or affinity group. Alumni volunteers are the driving force behind regional alumni activity: chapters and affinity groups would not be possible without your leadership.

Standards for Success

The Standards for Success will create a solid foundation, with outlines of proven best practices to serve as a guide. Every chapter and affinity group is unique, so the specifics will vary: we encourage you to make your group your own. Remember that your association liaison is always available to assist you; please keep them in the loop on your plans, and don't ever hesitate to reach out with questions!

Leadership Structures

Below are a few samples of chapter/affinity group structures that have proven successful in achieving the standards for success. While these can be a useful guide, we encourage you to consider the needs of your constituency as well as the interests of your volunteer pool in developing the most effective structure for your particular chapter or affinity group. Remember, all positions can be shared by co leaders for additional support and more equitable distribution of responsibility.

Volunteer Roles

Event Modules

The event modules are designed as a guide to help your chapter or affinity group develop a broad range of successful programming to engage a diverse group of alumni. Many events will incorporate elements of more than one module. View PDF.

Resource Documents