Volunteer Spotlight

Scott Garner 90Ox 92C

Scott Garner

As an Oxford College freshman, Scott Garner 90Ox 92C was interested in the liberal arts, but didn’t know what he wanted ultimately to do. He chose English as a major, and following an Emory-sponsored trip to France, he added French as a second.  “You don’t always know where you’re going when you’re 19,” he says, but those choices have greatly informed a distinguished entertainment-industry career.  

After earning a master’s degree in communication from Columbia University, he joined the production staff of Sesame Street. Television networks that subsequently sought his talent and some of the shows bearing his stamp include Nickelodeon (Blues Clues), Turner Broadcasting (Cartoon Network), Disney Channels Worldwide (High School Musical and Hannah Montana), and Lifetime (Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva). The French major that he wasn’t sure he would use has been invaluable in his personal life—his husband is a French native—and in his professional life, where he frequently attends international global television conferences. Garner currently serves as executive vice president with OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, responsible for overseeing program planning and scheduling of the network as well as acquisitions of off-network series, documentaries and feature films.​

Scott will be speaking Monday, November 24 at 7:30 PM in the Tarbutton Performing Arts Center on the Oxford Campus- The Anatomy of a Hit Show!

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