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Through Dinner with 12 Strangers (D12), Emory alumni and staff in the Atlanta area open their homes to students for small dinner parties or host the students at local restaurants, bringing these "strangers" together in a warm, friendly environment for good food, conversation, and camaraderie. It’s much more than just a meal.

Hosts: Registration is now closed for the February 2015 dinners.

Students: Registration for spring 2015 dinners is now open. Register here. Registration will close on February 20, at noon.

The fall dinner dates are:
Friday, October 10
Saturday, October 11
Sunday, October 12
(The fall registration for hosts and students is closed.)

The spring dinner dates are:
Friday, February 27
Saturday, February 28
Sunday, March 1
(The spring registration deadline for hosts is January 28, 2015.)

Dinner with 12 Strangers Dinner with 12 Strangers

It's more than just a meal... 

The phrase “Dinner with 12 Strangers” may sound intimidating and unusual, but the program aims to build and strengthen the Emory community. D12 connects current Emory students with Emory alumni, faculty, and staff through locally hosted dinners and adds a personal touch to their Emory experience. Apart from good food and conversation, the program offers students the opportunity to network with Emory alumni, find out about life after college, and interact with professors and staff outside the classroom. It also provides a chance for students to get a feel for the extended Emory family and to see how they can stay involved with and connected to Emory after they graduate. For students, it's as easy as signing up and attending. To participate as a host, see details below.

Interested in Hosting?

Great! D12 is designed to be as rewarding for hosts as it is for students.

Alumni need only to sign up to host, specifying all hosting preferences, and organize the dinner itself. The Emory Alumni Association will take care of the logistics, including marketing to students, helping arrange carpools, and facilitating communication between students and hosts. Alumni are responsible for dinner costs but are given in-kind gift credit to an Emory designation of choice for all documented dinner expenses.

These gatherings can be as formal or as casual as the host desires and can take place in the host's home, outdoors, or at a restaurant. Dinners can range from a catered affair to a backyard barbecue. As the host, you get to decide on all details, including your preferred group size, school audience preferences, co-hosts, faculty guests, and the menu. Please reference our host FAQs for more details.

If you have any questions, please contact Ellie Lee at 404.712.9679 or e.h.lee@emory.edu. Thank you!


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Phone: 404.712.9679
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