Grow a Scholar

Scholarship Endowment Initiative 

Emory students have initiative; that’s how they get accepted here. To help them succeed, university leaders have taken initiative, too—a Scholarship Endowment Initiative. Gifts to endow scholarships enable students to focus on their studies and to graduate without debt burdens that limit their career choices.

Students who are admitted to Emory University represent the best hope for the future—the future of Emory and the far-flung communities it serves. These young people are bright, engaged students whose accomplishments and drive have secured them a place here. Yet even among those exceptional students who make it into Emory, there are those without the financial means to afford the top-notch education they aspire to and have earned. Emory helps them get that education. In 2012-13, nearly $398 million in financial aid was awarded to Emory students. Approximately 60% of these student scholarships, grant, loan and work awards was provided by Emory. This is why scholarships are crucial to Emory. Philanthropic support designated to scholarships gives us the ability to create a class that includes the best students regardless of income. The result is a student body that better reflects the world outside our gates and, therefore, better serves that world.

Giving to scholarships also allows the university to invest money normally spent on scholarships in programs, faculty, and facilities that make Emory an unparalleled institution. 

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