Alumni Admission Network

Alumni are one of Emory's most important recruitment tools. No matter where you live, you can help Emory with one of its most important goals: recruiting the best possible students. The Alumni Admission Network (AAN) allows alumni to contribute to Emory in a meaningful way by assisting with admission opportunities in their local communities. 


Oxford College students

Afternoon/Evening with Emory

Assist with this educational program that teaches prospective students across the nation more about the University

April Yield Admitted Student Email Campaign

Congratulate prospective students on their acceptance to Emory or Oxford

College Fairs

Attend college fairs on behalf of the University


The Alumni Admission Network serves to identify and recruit talented students to Emory, to create a network for students and families who have applied to or enrolled at Emory, and to build relationships with local high schools.

Goals of the AAN

The most important goal of the Alumni Admission Network is to encourage the most qualified and talented students to apply to Emory by supporting year-long admission efforts. You can help forward this effort by improving knowledge in your community of Emory and admission criteria, and by serving as a local ambassador to the University. Being involved with this process will provide you with an opportunity to stay up-to-date with the University and strengthen your ties with the Emory community.   

To learn more about the undergraduate admission process or to obtain additional information about the current undergraduate experience, please visit

These resources are just for you—our most engaged admission volunteers!


Alumni Admission Network

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