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Alumni Academy

Alumni Academy: Faculty, Lectures, and Panels

The best way to connect to Emory’s award-winning faculty is through the Emory Alumni Association. From cutting-edge research to commentaries on art, history, or current events, every Emory faculty member has a compelling viewpoint. Alumni Academy is like returning to your Emory classroom … without the quizzes. Listen now

Alumni Experience

Alumni Experience: Past and Present

Emory history is made every day. Discover more about the University’s intriguing past from the alumni who lived it and delve into decades of archived material to learn what the Emory experience was like through the years. Listen now

Alumni Honors

Alumni Honors: Ceremonies and Profiles

The Emory Medal is the University’s highest award exclusively for alumni. The Turman Award recognizes outstanding alumni service. Learn more about these honors and meet the alumni who’ve earned them. Listen now

Alumni Insider

Alumni Insider: Updates from Emory Leaders

Take your seat with Emory’s top administrators and learn how your University is progressing straight from the men and women who make the decisions on how to move it forward. The Emory Alumni Association has long presented presidential addresses and access to these and other events has never been easier. Listen now

Alumni Up Close

Alumni Up Close: Interviews and Conversations

Emory alumni stories are best told by alumni themselves. Listen in on lively, candid interviews with personal recollections of some of Emory’s most accomplished alumni. Listen now