Seniors celebrating at Wonderful Wednesday exclusively for graduating seniors.

Making senior year the greatest year ever

The Senior Experience Committee is comprised of nominated Emory seniors and is run jointly by the Emory Alumni Association and Residence Life and Housing.


The goal of the Senior Experience Committee is to provide the best senior year possible for Emory students, to ease the transition into life post-graduation, and to celebrate and enhance the student to alumni experience.

Don't Miss Out

Make the most of your senior year. Join our Senior Experience Facebook group to stay updated about upcoming senior events, giveaways, and graduation-related announcements. Yes, this includes exclusive invites to the infamous Days 'til Graduation events, Highland Hops, Seniors at Sweetwater, and more.


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Every year in May, 15,000 people including family and friends gather to celebrate the years of study and preparation that each student put into their degrees.
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Stay Connected

Want to stay connected after graduation? Make sure you join the Emory Young Alumni Facebook group for in-depth information about events, to connect with other young alumni, or to learn about alumni chapters in your destination city.

If you'll stay in Atlanta after graduation, check out the Young Alumni page for Atlanta or find your city's Facebook group.

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Need a new email address now that you're losing your Emory email? Check out Emory's online alumni community, the Emory Alumni Association's home in cyberspace. Reconnect with old classmates, make career contacts, and find out about alumni gatherings in your city. It's easy to get started.
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