The Emory Latino Alumni group alumni and student gathering.

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The mission of the Emory Latinx Alumni (ELA) is to unite Latinx/Hispanic alumni in building community, supporting students, and advocating for the interests of the Latinx/Hispanic community at Emory.

What does ELA do?

  • Fosters relationships among Latinx/Hispanic alumni, students, faculty, and staff across the university;
  • Provides networking opportunities for the professional development of alumni and students;
  • Works with student organizations and student-led initiatives to advocate for the needs and interests of the Latinx/Hispanic community at Emory;
  • Strives to increase Latinx/Hispanic enrollment, retention and support at all levels of the university
  • Comes together to serve the Latinx/Hispanic community at Emory, in Atlanta and beyond in our different capacities as alumni and professionals.

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