Learn More About Emory Conservatarian Alumni (ECA)

Emory Conservatarian Alumni (ECA) comprises Emory alumni who support limited government and classical liberalism, regardless of their political party identification, gender, race, or sexual preference. Our goal is to strive to promote an understanding of classical liberalism at Emory University, uniting conservatives and libertarians. ECA does not formally endorse or advocate for any particular candidate for office. Instead, where possible, we may provide a forum for candidates and other speakers to discuss matters related to classical liberalism.


ECA's mission is to create a community of alumni who support a political ideology that values the freedom of individuals—including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets—as well as limited government. This is the ideology of classical liberalism that was embraced by our nation’s founders.

What does ECA do?

ECA formulates objectives and projects to ensure conservative and libertarian ideals are represented at Emory. Activities may include, but are not limited to, bringing in speakers, broadening outreach in the community, involving the Emory undergraduate students, raising money for charity, etc.

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