Emory Alumni Environmental Network

Emory University alumni, are you passionate about creating a more sustainable planet? Are you interested in environmental justice, renewable energy technology, ecology or public health? Do you care about climate change? Then the Emory Alumni Environmental Network is for you!

The Emory Alumni Environmental Network seeks to connect alumni with a shared interest in preserving our environment, through identifying and encouraging careers in sustainability. We aim to connect alumni with each other, Emory faculty, and students who share a passion for protecting the environment, providing a platform to exchange ideas and advice, as well as relevant programming and networking opportunities around the world.

Sustainability is multifaceted, just like our alumni membership. Focusing on the three E’s, Environment, Economics, and Equity, an interest in “sustainability” can coincide with careers in a variety of fields, from law to life sciences, corporate social responsibility to engineering. As the concept of sustainability becomes increasingly enveloped in everyday life, we welcome all alumni members who identify sustainability and environmental protection among their values, interests, and job descriptions.

Emory University is a global leader in scientific research, campus sustainability, and the fight to stop climate change. Join the Emory Environmental Alumni Network to be kept in the loop on Emory’s environmental pursuits.

If you are interested in becoming more involved and taking on a leadership role in the EAEN, please reach out to Mae Bowen at bowen.mae@gmail.com for more information.

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