Alex Kaminsky and his host students.

Career Discovery Days and Employer Open House

Introduce current Emory students to your industry by hosting them in your workplace for a day or half-day shadowing experience with Career Discovery Days. Students will come prepared with questions, interest, and a desire to learn about your career path. Serving as a job shadowing host is a great way to support current students, build your Emory network, and potentially connect you with future job candidates for your organization. Volunteer today to share your professional experience with students and become an essential part of their Emory education.

Career Discovery Days is the winner of the 2019 Special Merit Award for Alumni Relations Program, awarded by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, District III.

Registration for the spring session is now open. Due to COVID-19, all shadow days will be done virtually. There is more information about how to host a student virtually below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Host registration closes on March 14 and match status will be shared by the first week of April.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the program take place?

This program will be done virtually for the foreseeable future. We encourage hosts to connect with students via Zoom, Skype, or phone.

How are students selected and matched to hosts?

Interested students will complete a mandatory orientation session focused on professionalism, fill out an application, and submit their resumes. The Career Discovery Days committee will make a match for you based on your host application and the student’s application.

How will the day be structured?

You are welcome to conduct any activities with our students that would provide good insight into your organization and related career opportunities. The host and student will work directly together to determine the logistics of the event, including the time, date, duration, and directions.

A few recommended activities include:

  • Overview of the company and career areas
  • Opportunity for students to conduct informational interviews with a variety of employees
  • Opportunity to sit in on staff or client meetings
  • Exposure to the typical work conducted in the field and perhaps the opportunity for students to participate in the work

Note: Shadowing in Healthcare
Due to HIPAA and other regulations and restrictions, a classic shadowing experience might not be possible for alumni hosts in the health profession. We encourage alumni hosts in health fields to meet up with students for lunch or coffee instead.

How many students can I host?

For Career Discovery Days you can host 1-3 students.

What will Emory do to support?

Emory will share guidance on putting together a shadowing experience, advice from career volunteers and personal contact along the way to ensure that this is a great and meaningful experience for you. We will do our best to match you with a student who is interested in your career field. Emory staff will check in with you after the match distributions to see how your shadowing experience has progressed.

Am I guaranteed a match?

Due to the complexities of geography, career interests, etc., it is possible that we might not be able to make a student match for all hosts. Career Discovery Days is hosted each semester, so we will look forward to your future participation in this and other career-related programs.

I am a student, how can I participate?

Students must attend a mandatory orientation session before participating in the program. Orientation sessions in the spring are offered in February and fall orientations will be held in October. Several orientation sessions will be offered each semester for students to choose from, and all of these will be listed in Handshake.

Ideas for a Virtual Shadow Day

Ideas for a Virtual Shadow Day


You will work directly with your student(s) to identify a time that works best for you all. Please be mindful that students and hosts will likely be in different time zones. We ask that all shadowing is completed by September 2021.

Success Stories

Mark Kasman

Mark Kasman 84C hosted Keya Jacoby 21C and Helen Jiang 19Ox 21C at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Please note these were scheduled from in person shadowing. We recommend similar activities for virtual shadowing i.e. connecting with other colleagues, presentations, sitting in on client meetings.

“Participating in Career Discovery Days is a great opportunity to give back to the Emory community while also promoting your company as an 'employer of choice.' As an alumni host you have the opportunity to invest in a student and plant a seed for success as they grow and develop academically and ultimately professionally. I was able to offer my student a diverse shadowing experience where she had focused time to meet with myself and other colleagues to hear diverse perspectives on careers in our industry. This hopefully enriched the experience for her and gave her good "food for thought" as she navigates declaring a major and choosing a career path.”
—Jodi-Ann Wray 11C, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
“Each student came well prepared and anxious to learn about my career and job responsibilities. I was extremely impressed with how bright and engaging they each were throughout the day. The experience made me feel a greater connection to Emory and that maybe the day will have a positive impact on each of their ultimate job searches. I wish the program was in existence when I was a student.”
—Michael Kaminsky 89C, Neuberger Berman LLC
“Like his peers at Emory, the student I hosted was engaged, interested and motivated. He’s very bright, has such mature and thoughtful goals, and was an absolute joy for me and my colleagues. Working with interesting, focused individuals helps me have hope for our future and Emory’s ongoing commitment to producing ethical leaders of conscience, equipped to solve society’s most daunting and pressing problems.”
—Robert Lewis 87OX 89C 15B, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of the Solicitor


Questions? Contact the Career Discovery Days team at