Cherish the memories of 50 Year Reunions

Celebrate your 50-year reunion from Emory with your former classmates and friends May 6-9, 2016, during Emory’s Commencement Weekend. This weekend of celebration will include campus tours, classroom experiences and lectures, a memorial service, and a formal evening celebrating this milestone in your life with Emory.

Members from the Class of 1966 are also invited to join Corpus Cordis Aureum, a special group comprised of alumni who graduated from Emory 50 or more years ago. At the induction ceremony during Emory Commencement Weekend, the Class of 1966 will be presented with specially commissioned medallions. Inductees can then participate in the Commencement procession and will be recognized during the ceremony.

For information on the Emory College Class of 1966 undergraduate reunion, contact Michelle LeBlanc at

For information on the Oxford College Class of 1966 undergraduate reunion, contact Tammy Camfield at, or visit the Oxford Alumni Reunions webpage for more details.

Reunion event registration information will be coming soon.

Emory College Class of 1966 50th Reunion Committee

William Donovan Montgomery 66C
Dell Fleming MacGregor 66C
William Beck Simpson 64OX 66C
Martha H. Dobes 66C 68G
Simone Wilker 66C
Ann C. Cranford 66C
Richard L. Brown 66C
Sarah Ellington Smith 66C
Carl Wildrick Lentz III 66C
Susan M. Callison 66C
Barbara S. Kelley 66C

Oxford College Class of 1966 50th Reunion Committee

Bill Beckemeyer 66Ox
Rebekah Garrard Bisger 66OX 68C 70G
Susan Daniel 66Ox 68C
Barry Dodd 66Ox
Vivian Helpren Dodd 66Ox 69N
Beth Smith Golson 66Ox 68C
Waverly Golson66Ox 68B
Betsy Holter Head 66Ox 68C
Ruthie Brinson Hester 66Ox
Anita Payne Smith 66Ox 68C
Rodney Smith 66Ox 68C
Lynn Howington Thom 66Ox 68C

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