Events & Programs


Calendar of Events 

Take a look at our event calendar often to mark your schedule for upcoming programs and events both on Emory campus and off. From Presidential and Faculty lectures in cities across the nation to elegant gatherings on campus, just a few highlights of Emory events include the below.

Presidential Destinations

Presidential Destinations brings together Emory community around the country with President Jim Wagner, who not only provides detailed updates about Emory but also answers any questions posed to him. The EAA's Presidential Destinations are the alumni community's best opportunities to meet President Wagner one-on-one in an engaging and accessible atmosphere. To learn more about these unique events, please visit our Presidential Destinations page.


It's time to catch up with old classmates and take a walk on the quad! Emory Reunions take place each year during the Homecoming event in the Fall semester. Our landmark 50 Year reunions, by contrast, take place during Commencement in the Spring semester, to allow these individuals to participate in their inaugural year as Corpus Cordis Aureum members, who are afforded the privilege of marching during the Commencement ceremonies.

Emory Homecoming


Although we're still undefeated in Football (and with good reason), Emory Homecoming is a signature event that focuses on our myriad athletic pursuits that include Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball and more. Homecoming events are as widely varied as our sporting events, and include live music, delicious food, and plenty of fun in the Atlanta sun for all attendees! Family friendly and always a hit, be sure to come to Emory campus this Fall for excitement and fun! Go Eagles!

Emory Commencement Weekend

Emory Commencement is that day of achievement that all students, undergraduate and professional alike, look forward to with high hopes and blossoming dreams. It is the completion of a focused collegiate study and the first formal step towards the journey of a successful career. It is a day of celebration and acknowledgment, and it's the reason we're here. Please join us in lauding the accomplishments of our new alumni and future world leaders at the conclusion of every Spring semester at Emory Commencement Weekend.

Emory IN Your City

Emory faculty, perhaps more than any other members of our community, have positive influence over where our alumni progress throughout their lives.

The EAA offers a variety of programs that reconnect alumni with their faculty mentors and also give faculty from all of Emory's schools exciting opportunities to discuss their research and directly speak with their former students. From hosting Emory Travel Program trips to dining with alumni all over the country and countless events in between, the EAA's faculty programming is a great way for teaching (and learning) to extend beyond the classroom. To learn more about Faculty events and participants, please visit our Emory IN Your City page.