Emory IN Your City

Faculty Montage

No matter how far you live from campus or how long you've been away from it, the EAA brings Emory to you through its Emory IN Your City program. This initiative encourages not just lifelong learning, but also lifelong connection to the University's unparalleled academic excellence.

Through Emory IN Your City, Emory professors can take you on a tour of their research, their latest book, the most important news of the day, or even an art or historic exhibition. Emory faculty also host international trips with the Emory Travel Program.

From formal presentations to casual group dinners and even conversations in alumni homes, the EAA's Emory IN Your City speaker series is an easy, fun, and educational way to relive the Emory experience.

Upcoming Emory IN Your City Events

Visit the EAA's events calendar for events featuring Emory faculty near you.

Faculty Podcasts

Listen to faculty presentations on iTunes U or YouTube.