Letter from the Editor: December

Dinner Parties, YouTubers, Sundance, and Craft Beer

By Elizabeth Cobb Durel
EmoryWire 2019 Stats

Dear friends,

The past 12 months have been big for EmoryWire. Readership grew by more than fifty percent. Most readers were in the United States, but we also had readers clicking from six of the seven continents (sorry Antarctica). We introduced you to the 2018 Emory Entrepreneur Award winners. We highlighted examples of Emory’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. And we kept you informed about when Emory is coming to you.

We published almost 60 stories last year and there were some clear favorites. We’ve compiled the list below and it’s a good one—dinner parties, car reviews, movie festivals, and beer. We hope you enjoy revisiting them.

As we begin a new year and a new decade, we wish you the best, and in the meantime, please keep reading EmoryWire. Please keep letting me know what you’d like to read—and what you think about the stories you read. The Emory alumni community is diverse and making our mark all around the globe. You are community leaders, thought provokers, and industry creatives. We appreciate the opportunity to share your stories.

Happy New Year,
Elizabeth Cobb Durel
Editor, EmoryWire

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