Top Nine Trending of 2018

Enjoy this look back onto the top stories of 2018. It's been a great year, and with your help, we've told some compelling stories.

By Elizabeth Cobb Durel
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Dear EmoryWire Readers,

In 2018, readers from 134 countries read EmoryWire stories. Most readers clicked on the stories from their desktops in the United States, with India taking second on the list. Overall, you clicked on our stories more than 30,000 times.

We gave you a glimpse behind closed doors of the CEBA holiday party. Jason McCarthy 01C talked us into walking while wearing heavy backpacks. Couldn’t make it to Commencement or Homecoming? No worries, we filled you in. We shared your own words about storytelling, innovative energy, and virtual work. We bragged about Emory's quality of life just a smidge and we invited you to write for us. Find them all and more in the EmoryWire archives.

Enjoy this look back onto the top stories of 2018. It’s been a great year and, with your help, we’ve told some compelling stories. But, we’re just getting started. A great slate of storytelling is in the works for 2019. We hope that you will keep coming back. And, let me know if you’ve got a good story. I always love to hear from you.

Happy Holidays—We hope they are spirited.

~Elizabeth Cobb Durel, Assistant Director, Editorial Content

  1. A Ninja, a Comedian, and a Chef Walk Into…
    It’s not a joke. Emory alumni are multi-faceted and multi-talented.

  2. Like Mother, Like Daughter
    A legacy family, the Silversteins also graduated on the same day. It’s a first.

  3. First Female Trustees
    From a seat in the Coca-Cola boardroom, to a seat at the Emory trustee table, Lettie Pace Whitehead Evans was a force of generosity.

  4. A Pioneer Archivist and Community Leader
    “Ginger” Hicks 77C 82G arrived on campus for her freshman orientation. She spent the following forty years making Emory, and her community, a better place.

  5. Life Coaching with Mike Dubin
    In 90 short seconds, Dollar Shave’s Mike Dubin 01C shares his secrets to success.

  6. The Future of Healthcare
    Emory alumni in the healthcare field discuss disrupting healthcare norms.

  7. 2018 Jake's Golden Heart Winner Announced
    Dr. Richard Bagby 62C 66M 67MR 72MR is known for his commitment to Emory and his generous spirit.

  8. Life is Defined by Choices
    Dollar Shave’s Mike Dubin 01C advised the Class of 2018 to become familiar with the essence of choices.

  9. Picture This: Serving Haitian Roots
    A photo essay of KORE Haiti’s latest mission trip gave us a glimpse into their work.

Editor's Note: Elizabeth Cobb Durel has planned events for BRIDES out of their corporate offices and covered the celebrity beat for People in New York and in Atlanta. After taking a few years to raise a family in Stavanger, Norway and Decatur, Georgia, she landed at Emory’s Office of Alumni Engagement. Now Elizabeth writes speeches, dreams up marketing ideas, produces videos, and runs EmoryWire. In her spare time, she hangs out with her kids, cooks Asian food, and kills it at Scrabble. Reach out to her at emorywire@emory.edu. She’s always checking it and would love to hear from you.