Birthday Beginnings

The idea for Bioscape Digital was born when Founder and CEO Stuart Bracken 07B realized, about three days after the birth of his daughter, how little he knew about babies.

By Elizabeth Cobb Durel

Stuart Bracken 07B

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Bioscape Digital began with a confluence of events. Founder and CEO, Stuart Bracken 07B, and his wife were about to get discharged from the hospital after the birth of their now four year-old, Emma.

“They wanted us to watch a crazy VHS video with tracking issues before we could go home,” says Bracken. “And the only topic it covered was ‘Don’t Shake the Baby.’ Before my baby daughter was born, I thought I had this. But when the time came, I realized that I needed much, much more. I needed information about swaddling and diapers and all the rest of it.”

So, along with Emma, the idea of Bioscape Digital was born. It would be another year before the company formally launched, but it’s been growing steadily since.

Bracken and his team created a technology designed to allow patients to control their own experiences. On a tablet, much like the one on the back of an airplane headrest, a patient can find information about their condition, give feedback about their experience, find referrals for additional care, and search a host of ancillary information. For instance, a client could look for insurance information, play a video game during the wait time, or even order the next morning’s breakfast during their stay.

“The trend in healthcare is focused on patient centered care,” says Bracken. “So let’s engage them. The more engaged the patient is, the better the outcome.”

Bioscape digital

This Bioscape Digital product features a 3D diagram of a human heart.

In the ideal world, engagement would begin as a patient walks into the hospital for a planned procedure or into the emergency room for urgent care. She would check in and would be given a device created by Bioscape Digital. And that device would stay with her until check-out.

Instead of deep medical language about her broken arm, she could touch an interactive diagram of her bones with the physician. Instead of a stack of papers to read about after-care, she could watch an intuitive video. Instead of buzzing the red button for help, she could call for assistance via touch screen.

“As rural hospitals are getting left behind, these devices are crucial for their survival,” says Bracken, adding that 80% of the content is created in-house with the goal of it being friendly and intuitive “And it’s all customizable. We can provide the basic package or customize it per the hospital’s need.”

And Bioscape Digital is a hit. The clients are across the country from Dallas to Chicago to Miami, in more than 80 healthcare settings. The company itself has grown to 22 employees, and along with Bracken, two other Emory alumni have seats in the C-Suite: Grace Ou 90C and Sean Khant 15B. “My MBA has done so much for me,” says Bracken, who serves on the Goizueta Alumni Board. “Not only do I feel loyal, but Emory has truly shown that the world is flat. We are not just competing nationally, but globally. Because of this, we make a point of prioritizing Emory hires with potential employees.”

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