Emory Cares Brings Life-Saving Screenings to Memphis

Dr. April Carter 14L is motivated “by an insatiable passion for helping others, and ... a highly technical skill which allows [her] to make a difference.”

By Lizzie Boyer

Dr. April Carter 14L and her group of volunteers from the 2016 Holistic Health Fair.

EmoryWire is pleased to highlight outstanding alumni volunteers around the world who share their time and talent to make our Emory alumni chapters and core programs successful. Enjoy this Spotlight on Dr. April Carter 14L, president of the Memphis Chapter of Emory Alumni.

How did you first get involved in your alumni chapter or affinity group?

Holistic Health Fair
I joined the local chapter after receiving an email requesting volunteers to support the local Emory Cares International Service Day project. During the first meeting I attended, a discussion ensued regarding details about the project. This exchange allowed me to present ideas that reflected my medical training and community interest. The finished format proposed a holistic health fair that combined multiple health related disciplines to serve the many needs of a diverse spectrum of potential attendees.

As the project lead, my vision was supported with assistance from volunteers and community leaders who truly wanted to see this effort succeed. This Emory Cares Project not only provided much needed medical support for the community, but also attracted new chapter members to ensure future support.

Describe your favorite memory from an Emory Alumni event or program.
Being able to provide residents from the Memphis community with life-saving health screenings, working side by side with incredible volunteers and raising money to afford continued support is unquestionably my favorite and most cherished memory from this service project. Each volunteer contributed to their area of specialty to make the event spectacular. The health fair provided everything from basic medical screenings such as blood pressure, heart regularity, diabetes, vision, and obesity, to spiritual and stress reduction, legal services (offering advance directives), financial counseling, HIV testing, flu vaccines, and physical therapy.

April Carter

Dr. April Carter 14L smiling at the inaugural Memphis Holistic Health Fair in November 2016, which she spearheaded and organized as a part of Emory Cares International Service Day.

The event even featured entertainment for the very young, valuable education for adults, and the opportunity to win a Fitbit and other prizes. I look forward to another great year of being a part of the Emory Cares Project, as well as other events the chapter will host!

What motivates you to stay involved?
My motivation is driven by an insatiable passion for helping others, and my confidence emanates from knowing that I have a highly technical skill which allows me to make a difference, at times life altering, that I don’t take for granted. I consider myself blessed and obligated to share my talent and purpose.

Additional Comments
To Emory graduates in the Memphis area, please feel free to join the Memphis chapter and avail yourselves of exciting opportunities to serve this warm and inviting community! The chapter is always looking for volunteers, advocates and those unafraid to roll up their sleeves and take leadership roles. I personally look forward to meeting new people and building a stronger Memphis chapter of Emory alumni.

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Memphis Chapter Contact: Dr. April Carter 14L