Miami Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Natasha D'Souza 03C

Natasha D'Souza 03C gives of her time and talent to connect Emory alumni in Miami, FL to the university and to each other through her role as the Miami alumni chapter president.

By Lizzie Boyer

From right to left, Natasha D'Souza 03C poses with fellow Miami Chapter leader Ludmilla Paul 10C, President Claire Sterk, and fellow Miami Chapter leader Samantha Ketant 06C at a Bold Beginnings event in Miami.

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EmoryWire is pleased to highlight outstanding alumni volunteers around the world who share their time and talent to make our Emory alumni chapters successful. Enjoy this Spotlight on Natasha D’Souza 03C, president for the Miami Alumni Chapter.

How did you first get involved in your alumni chapter or affinity group?
Shortly after graduating from Emory, I moved to Miami for a four-month training program. I quickly realized that a permanent relocation was in order, and naturally I turned to the Emory Career Network for guidance. I was matched with an alum who was working in the nonprofit sector in South Florida, and what started as an introductory coffee date turned into a six-year career with Best Buddies International. Fondly remembering the experience of connecting with a like-minded young professional with whom I shared a common bond, and blending my passion for community service, I volunteered to host an Emory Cares project at a local food bank the next year. The rest, as they say, is history!

What is the best thing about being involved in your alumni chapter or affinity group?
I enjoy the opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow alumni and to celebrate our shared experience of attending Emory. I also enjoy planning engagements that further strengthen the relationships amongst our diverse alumni community. As the president-elect for the Miami chapter, I look forward to working alongside fellow chapter leaders to continue to create a welcoming and supportive environment for recent graduates and established professionals alike.

How did your Emory education affect your career choices?
I am fortunate to have a career that allows me to pursue my life’s passion of helping others. Working as Associate Director of Development for United Way of Miami-Dade provides an acute understanding of the needs of our community and what we can all do to help hardworking people in our community obtain the tools they need to be successful. I feel proud to be a part of the solution.

Natasha D'Souza and Anthony Fernandez

Natasha D'Souza 03C (left) and fellow Miami Chapter leader Anthony Fernandez 10B (right) at the 2017 Regional Leadership Conference in Miami, FL.

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Miami Chapter Contact: Natasha D’Souza 03C.