Joy Wang 02B, Founder of sho Nutrition

Simple. Healthy. Organized. Meet sho Nutrition. Founder Joy Wang 02B says, "With my Eastern and Western nutrition philosophy, I believe in the functional health benefits of taking supplements, to complement a healthy diet."

By Michelle Valigursky

Joy Wang 02B shared the benefits of sho Nutrition during New York Fashion Week.

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EmoryWire met Founder and CEO Joy Wang 02B when she conceptualized her entrepreneurial venture sho Nutrition. Now, Wang is poised for corporate success in a competitive industry.

Wang shares, “After over a decade of marketing career at Glaxo Smith Kline's Consumer Healthcare post Goizueta, I made conscious decision to shift my focus towards the nutrition industry. I am passionate about helping people live a healthy lifestyle through better nutrition and healthy habits.”

For this entrepreneur, sho came out of her diverse life experiences in China, Japan, and the United States. “I was determined to bring the eastern and western nutritional wisdom, to your fingertips.” As a savvy user of vitamins and supplements, she notes, “I have a hard time swallowing big pills and don't remember to take them regularly. The supplement industry has been astoundingly lagging behind, or dismissed altogether, in the area of user-friendliness and trustworthiness.”

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She points out, “The industry has NOT made products nice and easy for the consumers. People are confused about what to take, concerned about the quality, deterred by the size of the pills, and don’t remember to take them.”

Genius struck, and “I couldn't stop but believe there had to be a better way, to make taking better nutrition a simple, healthy, daily habit.” Wang’s inspiration moved her to create sho. “Simple, healthy, organized - premium functional supplements in easy-to-swallow spheri-gels packed in a portable, daily tracking dispenser, to ‘sho’ the world a better way to live healthy.”

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