Alumni Ink: The Modern Trophy Wife

Dion Metzger 02C 10MR shares expertise on developing deeper relationships, balancing work and self care, and working towards life goals.

By Joe Chen 20C
Dion Metzger

Avid moviegoer and psychiatrist Dion Metzger 02C 10MR earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Emory in 2002. She returned to Emory for her general psychiatry residency. Since then she has been featured through multiple venues, such as The Wall Street Journal, ABC, and The Doctors, sharing her medical insights on a variety of topics.

In 2016, she co-authored the book The Modern Trophy Wife: How to Achieve Your Life Goals While Thriving at Home with Ayo Gathing M.D., in which they share their own personal experiences and practical tips on developing deeper relationships, balancing work and self care, and working towards life goals.

Both authors share their practical and medically sound wisdom while also keeping things light and humorous. For instance, one simple piece of advice from Dr. Metzger is to ask for help when necessary: “Doing it all on your own does not make you Superwoman; it just makes you super tired.” It’s so fun and easy to read that many reviewers of the book said they can’t put it down.

One reviewer on Amazon raved: 

100 Years of Women
“This book is a godsend to women who constantly feel overwhelmed and out of control despite their success professionally. It talks about balance and self care and offers a myriad of suggestions on how to achieve one’s goals. The authors write a lot about their own experiences as wives, mothers and professionals which makes the reading experience fun and extremely helpful.”

If you want to read the book with your friends, Dion Metzger also provides some Book Club Questions.

More about the Author: Dion Metzger M.D. is currently living with her husband and their two children in the Atlanta suburbs. You can learn more about her on Twitter and her website.

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