"All in a Day: 24 Hours of Change" a Success

On February 8-9, 2017, Emory University launched its first day of giving called "All in a Day: 24 Hours of Change"

By Kim Bowden
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All in a Day: 24 Hours of Change was Emory's first day of giving. After inaugurating Claire E. Sterk as Emory's 20th president during Founders Week 2017, this 24-hour campaign began at noon Wednesday, February 8 ET and continued through noon Thursday, February 9 ET.

Here are the results of this global effort.

The Office of Annual Giving reports:

You have humbled and inspired us. We asked if you were ALL IN, and thousands across the Emory community answered with a resounding yes. Thanks to generous matching donors and your support during All In a Day: 24 Hours of Change, preliminary results show $581,537 raised from 2,227 gifts.

Within a span of 24 hours, alumni, parents, employees, students, and friends joined together to make a difference for Emory by contributing to student scholarships, strengthening academic programs, funding transformational research, supporting innovative patient care, and much more.

Nearly 300 individuals served as ambassadors—helping spread the word by email and social media and making All In a Day a tremendous success. One in four gifts received can be directly attributed to ambassador outreach. You should all be proud of what we’ve accomplished.

To see results, pictures, and incredible stories from throughout All In a Day, visit allin.emory.edu.

Together we are all part of the next chapter in Emory’s remarkable story, and it’s only just begun.