Sea Seething at My Feet - "A Fierce Debut Collection"

Poet Georgia Syribeys 80L explores relationships and connections in her "dark, tragic, hauntingly beautiful collection" of poetry.

By Michelle Valigursky
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Sea Seething at My Feet
"In her fierce debut collection, Sea Seething At My Feet, Georgia Syribeys unflinchingly mines the complexities of cultural identity, betrayal, love and loss. From its opening sequence that documents a speaker's immigration from Europe during the war, to its explorations of the challenges and rewards of relationship, to its expressions of longing for connection (with nature, with God, with other), to its final poems of wary acceptance, this book bears the dual forces of wisdom and pain. With precise imagery and sonic richness, it asks of its readers, 'What else matters/in the dungeon of the night?' We know, in the end, that the powers of love and language are what matter," writes Beth Gylys. 

Syribeys penned powerful poetry for this first book. One reader commented that her poetry was presented in a "dark, tragic, hauntingly beautiful collection." Another observed, "Sea Seething also grabs you by the throat. Emotion and intellect together."

The author explains, "The book is lyric poetry: hear the music, enjoy the descriptions & narrative & let the last lines kick you to the message under the poems."

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