Meet Alumni Authors at the Decatur Book Festival 9/3-9/4

Emory alumni authors will participate in the Emory University tent at the Decatur Book Festival.

By Michelle Valigursky
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For the fourth year, Emory alumni authors will join faculty authors to share their books and insight with fans at the Decatur Book Festival. Meet authors in the main Emory University tent, located at the intersection of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Clairmont Avenue, on Saturday, September 3 and Sunday, September 4.   

EmoryWire sat down to chat with 2015 Georgia Author of the Year David Darracott 73C. He has been a leader and active member in the Emory Alumni Creative, an affinity group for Emory’s alumni with creative pursuits.

EmoryWire: This is your fourth year participating in Decatur Book Festival. What’s it like meeting with the fans?

David Darracott: The book festival is wonderful.  Most of the people you meet aren't fans already, but it provides the opportunity to convert them. A few minutes of talk is usually all it takes to turn a book lover into a lover of your books.

EW: Are you excited by the growth and the impact of Emory Alumni Creative?

DD: No question, the Decatur Book Festival is the best activity the Emory Alumni Creative Group has supported. It's a very big event and there are thousands upon thousands of Emory alumni in the Atlanta area. It's a natural fit. We have turned the big Emory tent at the festival into a meeting place for a wide range of Emory people, most of whom never met before.  Books can do miraculous things.

EW: How has this helped you network with other alumni/authors?

DD: Personally I've met a lot of great Emory people from other class years, from diverse fields, and even from other eras. The common tie is that all these people have written their own books on an extraordinary array of topics. Few universities can claim such an abundance of authors. Great universities produce great talents who continue to produce original thinking as they progress through life.  

EW: What’s your general impression of the festival?

DD: The festival is one of the most successful events in Atlanta and one of the largest book gatherings in the nation. It's great that Emory and its alumni choose to be a big part of it. If only more of the attendees bought our books! Conversation is nice, but a sale is even better. Every writer wants to spread their works across the land.

Darracott’s books Internal Security and Wasted have earned critical acclaim. Contest Judge Melanie Sumner wrote: "Darracott writes this suspenseful story with tight, polished prose, allowing his characters to reveal themselves with authentic, controlled dialogue. The carefully chosen details of his settings […] bring the reader smack into the middle of the story. More exotic scenes on the Caribbean are illustrated in detail that is both exquisite and essential to the plot […] the characters of Player and Sharpe are well-portrayed […] a brilliant ending reveals the subtle satire […] and with that Wasted becomes a profound novel, as well as a good read."

Schedule of Alumni Author Book Signings

Saturday 9/3

10 a.m. - noon      Angela Quarles 89C and La Ronda Barnes 11T

11 a.m. - 1 p.m.    David Darracott 73C and Walter Lawrence 74B

1 p.m. - 3 p.m.      Sami Cone 96C and David Daniel 78C

3 p.m. - 5 p.m.      Ilene Benator 93C 02M, Tiyi Morris 94C, and Michelle St. Clair 96Ox 98C

Sunday 9/4

11 a.m. - 1 p.m.    Lori Duff 94L , B.J. Winfrey 93C, and Kara Dawn Goodwin 97C

1 p.m. - 3 p.m.      Linda Zemba Burhance 95B, R. Lynn Barnett 78C 79G and Anne Echols 75C 78G

3 p.m. - 5 p.m.      Ellen Griffith Spears 03G 06PhD

How to Join the Emory Alumni Creative

Emory Alumni Creative is an affinity group for the creative community. We are committed to supporting alumni in all creative disciplines, broadly defined: writers, painters, musicians, poets, actors, dancers, theater artists, craftspeople, multi-media artists, gallery owners, critics, chefs, and other creators in the arts. Our support includes providing multiple forums on social media to post events and images, exchanging ideas to build community, presenting meaningful events locally to promote a wide range of disciplines, and giving back to Emory and to its students and other constituents involved in creative endeavors. Learn more here.