Spot & Tango

Farm-fresh ingredients, handmade recipes, and meals full of love, all for our furry friends.

By Michelle Valigursky
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Our dogs deserve the very best, and the team at Spot & Tango delivers gourmet “human-grade” meals to happy canines in New York City’s five boroughs. The company provides dog food “with fresh, all natural ingredients free from preservatives, fillers, and animal by-products present in most commercial pet foods.” Co-founder Russell Breuer 02C shares his company’s story. “It’s our passion.”

Together with his wife and childhood friend Molly, Breuer launched Spot & Tango in December 2014 after a career in private equity and consulting in London and New York.  Their Goldendoodle, Jack, inspired them to create healthy, nutritious, and farm-to-table meals. When they started evaluating other pet foods, they knew they could do better.

“We were discouraged by the global recall of many commercial pet foods in 2007 due to contamination,” Breuer recalls. “These companies are more focused on the margin of product rather than the health of the animal. We wanted our dogs to eat healthier, so we began making their meals at home in our kitchens. We founded the Spot & Tango to help build awareness of the benefits of a fresh, all natural diet that includes lean meats, vegetables, and fruit.”

The business ramped up over 14 months of intensive research and self-funding. “We worked with holistic veterinarians, food scientists, and research and development teams. To be compliant and substantiate claims, we worked closely with the Association of American Feed Control Officials, a part of the United States Department of Agriculture,” Breuer explains. “During these months we conducted extensive laboratory testing and ingredient sampling, experimenting with lamb vs. bison, venison vs. turkey. This phase of the business involved a great deal of learning.”

Delivering to New York’s Dogs

Russell Breuer

Russell Breuer 02C and Jack

“We’re a New York brand.” Unlike other pet food providers, Spot & Tango sources ingredients locally grown and gathered from the northeast region. “We distribute exclusively to New York’s five boroughs,” Breuer explains. “Our products are cooked in our New York kitchens.”

As the company website explains, “Each hand crafted meal is slow cooked at low heat in our Long Island City facility in order to retain its maximum nutritional value.  The finished product is immediately vacuum sealed in eight ounce servings, and refrigerated to preserve freshness.”

Once prepared, each half-pound vacuum-sealed pouch is wrapped in butcher paper then immediately refrigerated. Meals are packed in boxes of seven, and customers can subscribe for free delivery in the New York area. The ready-to-serve meals must be refrigerated, but can be frozen to extend the two-week shelf life.

Editor's Note: Spot & Tango currently offers a 50% discount to first time customers.