New Frontiers in Patient Education

Breakthrough technology by Bioscape Digital changes the way doctors educate patients.

By Michelle Valigursky
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Healthcare has changed, and Bioscape Digital understands the critical need for accurate and precise information delivery to patients. “As medical breakthroughs continue and physicians’ time with patients becomes more structured, technology must play a role in successful patient outcomes,” says Stuart Bracken 07MBA, chief executive officer of Bioscape Digital.

Launched in 2012 and based in Atlanta, Bioscape Digital enhances the patient experience before, during, and after medical treatments through an interactive patient-centric model. Shortly after the company’s official launch, its proprietary technology earned finalist recognition in the prestigious Intel Innovation Awards. Now, with an eye on continued market penetration, clients include a national hospital system as well as major regional healthcare providers.

To expand its breadth of service, Bioscape Digital also just announced the acquisition of PictureRx LLC, a Tennessee-based company whose technology improves medication safety by pairing images with factual information about drugs and their usage. “The acquisition of PictureRx is a milestone for Bioscape. We now unite technology, healthcare, and business subject matter experts into a visionary platform that will ultimately re-empower the patient and provider,” says Bracken. “At the same time, we will save the health system millions of dollars, and in turn, boost compliance.”

The Future of Patient Education

To avoid confusion and misunderstanding during and following medical care, and to make productive use of patient wait time, Bioscape set out to bridge the communication gap between physicians and patients by creating a tablet-based interactive system. “BPEP delivers interactive content through a dynamic platform that seamlessly integrates into clinical care settings, engaging patients in their health while gathering valuable data for the provider,” explains Grace Ou 90C, Bioscape’s Chief Operations Officer.

So how does the tablet-based platform actually work? Ou notes that BPEP integrates text, audio, and 3D visual imagery into an intuitive touch screen solution, allowing providers to overcome language and education barriers before, during, and after medical procedures. “These elements are critical for the better outcomes required in a patient-centric healthcare delivery model,” she says.

Tablets loaded with BPEP information portals are then provided to patients in waiting rooms and treatment centers. “By combining subject matter expertise with high-tech information delivery before a medical appointment, Bioscape prepares patients to understand their condition and ask the right questions. During waiting time, this interaction offers patients the opportunity to further engage by including email sign-ups and preventative offerings. This customized information delivery increases overall patient satisfaction with the medical experience,” Bracken says, “With the CDC reporting that 9 out of 10 adults have difficulty following medical advice, there is ample room for improvement."

To date, Bioscape Digital has developed channels for cardiology, the emergency room, urgent care, and women’s imaging. “Bioscape’s future roadmap includes expansion of its content as well as a deeper dive into functionality that will drive further process and experience improvements. As demonstrated by the acquisition of PictureRx, Bioscape clearly sees taking medication history as an important value-added functionality,” Bracken says.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

At its core, Bioscape Digital takes a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure delivery of engaging information through animation and 3D effects. By assembling a high-powered team of Emory alumni with different specialties, the company’s foundation is solid. Among other professionals, Bracken leads the team, Grace Ou 90C draws on 20 years in broadcast content creation and technological animation to lead operations, Arun Mohan MD 06MBA 07M and Sunil Kripalani MD 00MR 01G share subject matter and process expertise as medical advisors. Bioscape’s newest member, Jon Harmer 06MBA, draws on 16 years of product launch experience to strategically align product marketing to position Bioscape as a market leader.

“Technology has long been implemented in healthcare settings to drive better outcomes and record massive quantities of data, but Bioscape is at the forefront of a field that utilizes smart technology to drive patient care, comprehension, and engagement at the point of care,” Bracken says. “Through animation, patients will experience their condition from many visual perspectives, both internal and external. Using plain language and vivid renderings, condition explanations and care instructions are explicit and easy for the patient to understand.”

Mohan points out, “Engaging patients in their care is a challenge for all hospitals. Bioscape's platform does so in a way that is both timely, consistent, and effective. Whether it is the ability for patients to provide instant feedback, easy-to-understand discharge instructions, or tools to collect a more accurate medication history, a platform like Bioscape's pulls patients into the conversation and improves care delivery in the process."

Bracken concludes, “The future for Bioscape is bright, but our future as patients is brighter thanks to our technology. We look forward to contributing to continual improvement in patient care.”