Invitation for Alumni Input on Strategic Planning

Emory invites you to share your opinion.
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Where Courageous Inquiry Leads, Emory’s current strategic plan, is drawing to a close, and the time has arrived to begin planning for the next cycle of strategy setting. Input from Emory alumni is extremely important for this effort to succeed.

 The process will build on collaboration and regular updates on next steps and accomplishments. Key milestones to be accomplished over the course of the next academic year include:

- A thorough review of Where Courageous Inquiry Leads. Your feedback on its impact is essential. The timeframe for completion of this review is November 2015.

- An inclusive and transparent process for setting future strategic priorities in support of Emory’s mission. This process will be launched in the 2015 fall semester. 

- Development of an initial draft of Emory’s strategic initiatives for the next five years, including information on defining and measuring success. This draft will be distributed for your feedback and revised accordingly. 

- The development and implementation of select strategic initiatives.

Today serves as day one for Thinking and Acting Strategically. By visiting, alumni can share their opinions on two initial questions: 

            1.         What university-level strategic priorities should be Emory’s focus for the next five years?

            2.         How would you like us to engage or not engage you in this strategic planning process?

All responses to the survey will be posted at the beginning of the fall 2015 semester on the Emory Alumni Association secure web.

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