State of the University 2015

Hear the president articulate how excellence, integrity, and optimism undergird all that we do.

By President James W. Wagner

Eleven years ago the Emory community worked together to forge a vision for our university. The statement we crafted then to summarize that vision was a succinct kind of self-introduction. It told us, and the world, what we thought Emory was and, just as important, what Emory aspired to be—a destination university, internationally recognized as an inquiry-driven, ethically engaged, and diverse community whose members work collaboratively for positive transformation in the world through courageous leadership in teaching, research, scholarship, health care, and social action.

Having articulated that vision, we set out as a university to develop a strategic plan—a road map that would guide our decision making for the next 10 years—after its launch in 2005.

From faculty growth to milestones in sustainability; from international outreach to excellence in Campus Life; from online courses to new libraries, classrooms, and laboratories; from increasing alumni engagement to stronger Emory engagement in Atlanta and beyond; from achievements in athletics to vitality in all the arts; from a new hospital tower rising on the Atlanta campus to the best quality care at patient bedsides throughout Georgia—in all of these areas and more, Emory people can take enormous pride and satisfaction in what they have accomplished.

Tweet this: "Beneath a "stunning panorama" of successes lie certain bedrock values that mark the ethos of Emory."

We may be tempted to take much of this good news for granted. In our own individual spheres of activity—whether studying, teaching, researching, caring for patients, tending the grounds, painting the buildings, cooking food—whatever our work, it is possible for us to lose a sense of the whole. But when we step back, we see a stunning panorama. When we step back, certain contours stand out. And if we look closely, undergirding those contours lie certain bedrock values that mark the ethos of Emory. So, let me talk about those values.

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