Made with Love, Always

Preserving our culinary past for future generations is the goal for Morano and Elamine as they travel the world.

By Michelle Valigursky

What propels two curious individuals on a journey across the world into quiet country kitchens, urban cooking stations, and rural culinary retreats? Love, and a healthy appreciation for global cultural traditions. For Anthony Morano 09C and Leila Elamine 09C, their worldwide expedition began with a single idea: set out to capture and preserve food traditions and recipes before they are lost.

Made with Love is a feeling. It is an expression of someone’s love in the form of food,” they describe on their website. “For food to be amazing and truly enjoyed, it must be Made with Love. Love cannot be bought, invented, or manufactured; it is an ingredient essential in foods throughout the world and it can be shared, displayed, and used to no limit in any recipe. You will taste and feel the difference when you have come across a food or recipe Made with Love. It is not only the type of food but the joy and reasoning behind the cook.”

Exploring these stories comes naturally to Morano and Elamine. After graduating from Emory, the duo met in New York City. Morano is a cofounder behind Huli, a SAAS healthcare company in Costa Rica that focuses on user friendly technology for patients, doctors and their staff.  Huli's subsidiary, HuliHealth is a website that connects patients to doctors. Elamine established and was managing the first phase one biopsy program at the Dana Farber Harvard Cancer Center at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“We had this idea of using our savings and doing something for ourselves,” Morano explains. Morano is of Calabrese descent, while Elamine’s ancestors hail from Lebanon. “We both love to travel and food is a huge part of our cultures.” Together, they took a leap of faith and have never looked back.

Breaking down Social Barriers

Morano poses a question. “Have you ever walked up to someone on a park bench in town and asked to eat dinner with their grandmother?” Suffice it to say that Morano and Elamine are eager to break down social barriers in the name of Made with Love.

Without a firm travel plan in place, Morano and Elamine set out on the adventure of a lifetime. To date, they’ve worked side by side with cooks in Norway, Croatia, Lebanon, Italy, Cyprus, and Sweden. “Every place we go to the people have been welcoming in different ways culturally,” Morano explains. “In Cyprus, we had to work to build the trust factor but once we built it, we were welcomed like family. In Norway, we were welcomed immediately.”

“We navigate by feel, following the signs to find the right people, and trusting our intuition” Morano explains. “So far, the experiment has worked out extremely well," Morano explains. “We don’t want to go into a stranger’s home that is negative or could harm you in any way. We’re doing this by feel.” So far, the experiment has worked out extremely well. 

Through social bargaining, Morano and Elamine find creative ways to live with host families in each destination. “A helping hand goes a long way,” Morano says. “It’s amazing to see how open people are to letting us into their homes, showing us techniques, and teaching us their craft.”

Preserving Culinary History

In return for room and board, the duo has worked on farms, helped tend bees, participated in harvests, baked breads, and cooked ethnic specialties in home kitchens and fire dens.  At each location, they’ve documented the process, recorded the stories, and preserved recipes for generations to come.

Recipes are presented with step-by-step instructions, photographs and short video clips. “We want Made with Love to not only inspire readers, but also to educate them,” Elamine explains.  

For Morano and Elamine, this documentation is a crucial part of informing future generations. “Growing up in America, some of each family’s culinary heritage starts to get lost,” Morano says. “I realized there are plenty of other people in the world who don’t want their traditions to be lost. So we set out to discover them.”

Through Made with Love, we’re creating a community of like-minded people to share these culinary traditions,” Morano says. “Our stories may help them learn about and respect their roots a little bit more." When people concentrate on where their food comes from, why it is made the way it is, and how it has evolved over time, people become more appreciative and connected. We are putting the culture back into agriculture”

“Tender care and passion is the distinguishing ingredient that turns a meal into a Made with Love experience, memory, or tradition,” Elamine explains. “The Made with Love attribute is found amongst various cultures and customs throughout the world, but always stems from the heart of a person. Our website,, is a tribute to those who prepare food Made with Love and to their recipes that use that unconditional, intangible ingredient.”

Editor’s Note:  How can you contribute to Made with Love? Do you have a recipe that has always reminded you of a loved one? Do you cook something special that fills you with a feeling of home? Do you know someone that cooks something with so much passion that you can taste it in the food? Share your story and join our community of people and their recipes that are Made with Love! Contact us!

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