Living without Fear

By Michelle Valigursky

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Lauren Fernandez 05MBA 05L

Fear can be a powerful motivator, but according to Lauren Fernandez 05MBA 05L “part of living the best version of your life is living without fear and not worrying what others will think of you.”

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Fernandez is indeed fearless when it comes to accepting new challenges. In business, she leads The Fernandez Company, a consultancy that generates new revenue streams for companies, particularly in the food and hospitality industries. When the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society challenged her and thirteen other community leaders to raise money for LLS research, Fernandez didn’t hesitate. Her mother passed away in 2003 from a rare lymphoma, so raising money for LLS was a heartfelt labor of love. “I can't undo what happened to my mother and the devastating loss that we've experienced.  But funding research for LLS creates options and a potential cure for other patients just like her. It creates hope for others, and that's something I am excited to be a part of.”

Unstoppable in her quest, Fernandez earned the moniker “2015 Atlanta Woman of the Year” for raising more than $93,000 in just ten weeks for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. “It was incredibly gratifying to contribute to the fight against these deadly diseases,” she shares.

“We’re all given extraordinary talents,” Fernandez reflects. “But what you choose to do with those talents should help you define success. When I see someone in need, I always ask myself how I can help. For me, success comes through service to others.”

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Editor's Note: Volunteering for special community service projects like Fernandez has done is a way of life for Emory alumni. Every year, on the second Saturday in November, Emory celebrates Emory Cares International Service Day. By bringing together diverse members of Emory's community with a common goal of service, Emory Cares strengthens the bond with each other and the university, and increases Emory's visibility around the world. Learn more about how you can give back.

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