Are You Buff Enough?

Lingerie to match a woman's skin tone? Women say, "It's about time."
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Rae Wynn-Grant 07C (left) and Alexandra Sutty 07C (right).

Every woman knows that “nude” is an aspirational color in lingerie that often comes in only one or two shades, despite the range of true complexions. Buff You Intimates, the brainchild of Alexandria Sutty 07C and Rae Wynn-Grant 07C, will make skin tone-matching lingerie to enhance every woman’s wardrobe. “We are shaking up the industry by giving women what they want,” Wynn-Grant says. “A perfect match.”

Buff You Intimates was born after a frustrating shopping trip where the friends were searching for undergarments for a special event. After trudging through a maze of three department stores, four retailers, and even a few back-alley vendors, Wynn-Grant, with golden brown skin, came up empty handed, while Sutty found plenty of light beige bras to match her fair skin. “It was clear that retailers and manufacturers had a close-minded, ‘one nude fits all’ mentality,” Sutty explains.  

Frustration led to invention, and the two brainstormed a concept for a new approach to women’s lingerie. Buff You Intimates was founded in 2014. With a new logo, a tailored business plan, targeted sales goals, and production samples in a wide ranges of sizes (through cup size K), the partners launched a fixed funding IndieGoGo campaign to get them to their next stage of growth. These women are working tirelessly to reach their campaign goal of $20,000 by Friday September 11, 2015. They encourage anyone wanting to change the view on nude to support their efforts. Campaign funds will be allocated towards packaging, manufacturing, and shipping costs. A successful campaign will allow the Buff You Intimates e-boutique to be stocked and launched, and customer shipments will begin in time for December holidays.  

Wynn-Grant explains. “Our business was founded in response to a very real need amongst our circle of educated, diverse, and ambitious friends. With careers in areas from finance to fine arts, we know that our appearance matters, and we want our personalities to show through—not our underwear.”

“Millions of women out there want something better and more tailored to their own skin tones,” Sutty says. “Our lingerie will quickly become the professional woman’s armor. The right bra can make or break a look, whether it’s crisp and qualified for the office or sleek and sexy for our best friend’s birthday bash. It’s a confidence builder that takes the worry out of getting dressed.”

Materials matter, too, and Buff You Intimates has invested in extensive research. The end result? “Our bras are moisture-wicking, breathable, and virtually weightless so you can remain cool,” Sutty explains.

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Empowering Women and Giving Back

Buff You Intimates began slowly but quickly ramped up growth. “What started as a passion beyond our full-time jobs has grown exponentially,” Sutty explains. Sutty is an Engagement Manager at Zuora in California. Wynn-Grant is a conservation science postdoctoral fellow with the American Museum of Natural History whose specialty is observing and modeling behavioral patterns of wildlife. Together, they are a dynamic team with a dream to empower women.

Giving back is an integral part of their new socially-conscious corporate mission. “This is why we’ve partnered with the Women In Need (WIN) shelter in New York City, to provide homeless women living in their homeless shelters with properly fitting undergarments,” Wynn-Grant shares. “Exclusively for this campaign, for every $100 donation or bra/undies combo IndieGoGo perk redeemed, we will donate a similar undergarment to WIN. When we help one woman, we help all women.”

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Sutty points out, “Despite holding low-income jobs, many women are unable to afford proper clothing for themselves after putting money towards their children's needs. Living without clean and proper fitting undergarments can amplify the mental toll many homeless women live with. We aim to relieve the burden of women who must choose between clothing their children or themselves.”

In creating their company name, Sutty and Wynn-Grant chose wisely when they named their business Buff You Intimates. “To be buff is to be empowered. To be buff is to shine.  To be buff is to be strong. And to be buff is to bare it all,” Wynn-Grant says. “So we ask: Are you buff enough?”

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