CarLingo.Com - A New Car Buying Experience

CarLingo takes the mystery out of car buying - and puts negotiation power in consumers' hands.

By Michelle Valigursky

When it’s time to buy a new car, a few things have to happen first.  Research, comparing features, price shopping, establishing trade-in value, evaluating new car incentives, calculating your payment, and identifying a dealer. Until now, this process has been both time consuming and bit daunting. makes the car buying experience infinitely easier – and enjoyable.

Founded by Emory Alumni Board member Steven Greenfield 01B, CarLingo solves a huge problem for consumers by consolidating necessary information in one easy-to-use computer-based solution.  The CarLingo blog answers questions, shares reports, and defines common expressions in the automobile industry with its CarLingo Glossary of Car Terms.

“Most people begin their car search online and spend a few months researching,” Greenfield explains. “But when they walk into a dealership and sit across the table from a professional negotiator, they regress. The process becomes a war of attrition until the customer gives in and says, ‘Fine, I’ll sign.’”

So how does the new process work? The CarLingo application stitches together data from various sources. Using geographic data mapping, consumers can access recent transactions, price guides, finance sources, and more. To choose the ideal vehicle, consumers answer questions about importance of certain features such as safety, alternative fuels, hauling, technology, and more.  Budget and trade-in, too, are incorporated into recommendations.

Steven Greenfield
Steven Greenfield 01B

Alleviating the imbalance of the power struggle in car negotiation is’s primary goal. “We want to educate consumers and arm them with the right information. Our application allows individuals to establish context around the decisions they make before they interact with the dealer,” he explains. “The process builds trust on both sides, and consumers are educated and prepared to transact a well-researched car deal.”

For car buyers, CarLingo is risk-free to use, and Greenfield recommends people explore the site. Dealers assume the cost. In Greenfield’s business model, “Dealers receive definitive attribution for their marketing spend to have access to transact-ready car buyers. Web conversion sales increase, and the process is a win-win for both sides.”

Launching CarLingo

For auto industry executive Greenfield, the decision to launch his entrepreneurial venture came at a change point in his life. Culling the knowledge he’d gained over 15 years with Manheim and Autotrader, he invested his life savings and took the plunge into opening his own venture. This young company has just taken on investors and is poised for exponential growth in the coming months.

His advice to others? “We all live a finite time on earth,” Greenfield says.  “We’re not getting any younger. You have to choose your lot in life.”  He recommends that individuals “Surround yourself with others who inspire you. Find your mentors early. You don’t want to be in a rocking chair, looking back on what could have been. Unplug from the everyday and ask yourself what you really want. Then make time to do it.” 

Editor’s Note: Want to get a glimpse of the daily life of the technology entrepreneur?  Read Steve Greenfield’s story with @AlwaysEmory, the Emory Alumni Association’s Twitter account that follows workday moments of CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, and many others.

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