Join the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival 3/20-3/29

He brings together future rock stars and famous musicians at the 5th Annual Atlanta Jewish Music Festival.

By Michelle Valigursky

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In celebration of its fifth anniversary, Atlanta's Jewish Music Festival expands to five events, providing more opportunities for musicians and audiences to strengthen their connections to Atlanta’s Jewish community through the power of music, says Russell Gottschalk 07C, founder and director of the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival (AJMF).

“Featuring Yo La Tengo, one of the most beloved and respected bands in America, at our 5th Annual Spring Festival is breaking new ground for AJMF,” says Gottschalk. “I’m equally excited about our teenage musicians performing at our festivities for the first time this year. We’ve fostered a supportive and growing network of talented, young, Jewish musicians here in Atlanta and our continued growth with the Spring Festival is offering more avenues for these future rock stars and others to connect to Atlanta’s Jewish culture and community.”

"Community outreach is critical for the festival, and we are grateful for the more than 100 presenting sponsors, organizations, foundations, and individuals who enable our work," Gottschalk explains. "I founded this festival with a team of dedicated volunteers to unify Jewish Atlanta through a common love of Jewish culture and community. Today, we're engaging non-Jews and Jews throughout the South as well for what will likely be our biggest signature program yet!"

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