Lullwater Memories?

What does Lullwater mean to you? Share your recollections with us.
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Lullwater Preserve has become a respite for many seeking peaceful interaction with nature.

Michael Parker

The Lullwater Preserve is a priceless natural resource for the Emory community, for decades serving as a living laboratory for students and faculty, the site of the president’s home, and a recreation area. Emory author Nancy Seideman is writing a book about Lullwater that explores all facets of the preserve’s contributions to the education, health, and well-being of the community.

Seideman welcomes your insights and memories regarding Lullwater—perhaps undergraduate research in the preserve led to your current career, exploration of the land led to a lifelong appreciation of nature, or Lullwater simply provided you with a respite from study and everyday concerns.

Please email your contribution to Paige Parvin 96G,, with the subject line “Lullwater.” Photos and artwork also are appreciated.

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