Emory Campus Yearbook

Digital Memories

The yearbook is back, and it has gone digital! Through tireless work from several students, Campus is presented with weary computers, tired fingers, gigabytes of photos, and smiling faces that capture the spirit of Emory.

Campus 2014

2014 Campus

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campus 2013

2013 Campus  

Customize and purchase your 2013 Campus.

2012 campus

2012 Campus

2011 campus

2011 Campus

Campus includes personally submitted photos, campus shots, annual events, Emory traditions, concerts, comedians, highlights from the year, and a list of things that determine whether you went to Emory (in case you weren’t quite sure). Most importantly, Campus allows you to enjoy memories with friends, inside jokes, and special moments that may otherwise have been forgotten along the way.

This digital yearbook can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Here’s to a great four years, nostalgia, and a yearbook that captures it all!

Emory University Archives offers digital editions of select Emory yearbooks, the Zodiac (1893 - 1901) and Campus (1911 - 1999), as well as yearbooks from the Atlanta Medical College and Atlanta-Southern Dental College, precursors to Emory's School of Medicine and School of Dentistry.


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