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Student Alumni Association
Senior Experience Committee
Sophomore Pinning Ceremony Committee – email Gloria Grevas if interested.

Sophomore Pinning Ceremony

After two consecutive semesters at Emory, students are officially considered alumni. This is in honor of Robert Woodruff, who, after two semesters at Emory, left to run Coca-Cola; his gift back to the school forever changed the landscape of Emory. Each year, eligible students are inducted into the alumni community at a special pinning ceremony attended by faculty, staff, family, and local alumni.

Emory Homecoming Weekend 

Thousands of alumni return to campus each fall to recapture feelings of their time at Emory and reconnect with students. SAA members are integral to Homecoming's success, helping and networking with 10 reunion classes and many other alumni. 

Homecoming: Catch the Spirit! 

Emory Cares International Service Day

Emory Cares International Service Day is one of the EAA's signature programs. Through Emory Cares, alumni, students, parents, and friends participate in a day of service in their local communities. Emory Cares is one of the University's most prominent vehicles for furthering its mission of serving humanity. In 2008, Emory Cares International Service Day was recognized for its valuable contributions to Emory University's 2008 Presidential Award for General Community Service. 

Emory Cares. Do you?

100 Senior Honorary

In conjunction with the EAA, the SAA solicits nominations from students, faculty, and staff each fall for the 100 most outstanding members of the senior class. Recipients of the 100 Senior Honorary are inducted in the spring and are recognized at graduation.Student

Life 101 - Real World

The Student Alumni Association (SAA), in partnership with the Senior Experience Committee (SEC), plans and hosts a series of seminars designed to help students navigate through life. Popular events in the series include the dinner on business etiquette, finance seminars, cooking classes, and how to change a car tire. Events vary each year, so check out the next Life 101 - Real World series.

Dinner with 12 Strangers

Sit down as 12 strangers, and leave as 12 friends! Local alumni host or co-host dinners for 12 or more students at their homes or at restaurants. These dinners are free for students to attend and provide a great way for students and alumni to network. Find out more information

Emory Commencement Weekend

Emory Commencement Weekend offers a variety of activities for students and their families. Read about a few of the events here, or visit the full Commencement page.

Senior Wonderful Wednesday

A beloved Emory tradition, Wonderful Wednesdays bring students together weekly to foster a sense of community in a fun, interactive setting in the middle of campus.  The last Wonderful Wednesday of the academic year is hosted exclusively for the senior class-a final hoorah and celebration for our soon-to-be new grads and their journey ahead. 

Candlelight Crossover

Emory Commencement Weekend begins on Thursday evening when graduating seniors cross over the Houston Mill bridge from the Emory Conference Center Hotel to the Miller-Ward Alumni House, symbolizing their transition from students to alumni.

Torch and Trumpet Soiree

Emory Commencement Weekend really kicks into gear on Friday night at the Torch and Trumpet Soiree, a fabulous dance party and reception for graduating students, their family, and friends.

How you can get involved

Whether you are a student or an alumnus/alumna, the Student Alumni Board (SAB) is a great way for you to engage in the University. Students at Atlanta Emory Cares Project SAB programs offer alumni direct connections to the current student body and opportunities to help shape the student experience at Emory. For students, the SAB can offer meaningful networking, leadership, and philanthropic opportunities.

To apply to the Student Alumni Board, please send an email requesting an application to one of the co-presidents listed below. The SAB executive board reviews applications during the beginning of each fall semester. If you have any questions about the Student Alumni Board, please do not hesitate to contact one of the SAB's co-presidents Cathryn Morette 14B, Co-President at cmmoret@emory.edu or  Uma Veerappan 16C, Co-President at uveerap@emory.edu.

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