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The mission of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is to connect alumni to the University and the student body by building tradition, fostering student and alumni interaction, serving the diverse needs and interests of our community, and creating opportunities for investment in Emory’s future.  

SAA Membership

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is the student chapter of the Emory Alumni Association. At Emory, all students who have completed two semesters are considered alumni, and automatically become members of the Student Alumni Association.   

The SAA connects current students with Emory University alumni and encourages students to be active alumni themselves upon graduation. Members will interact with alumni as well as attend SAA-hosted events throughout the year. See below for our lists of signature events and programs. 

Student Alumni Board (SAB) 

The Student Alumni Board (SAB) is a group of about 40 student leaders who oversee the planning and execution of the SAA signature programs and events as well as the organization’s overall strategic direction. These students have the opportunity to work closely with the Emory Alumni Association staff and various Emory Alumni to ensure that programs align with the mission of SAA and provide value to SAA members and the Emory community as a whole.

Founders Dinner The SAB is closely connected to the Emory Alumni Board, one of the highest alumni leadership groups at Emory. The organizational structure of SAB mirrors that of the EAB, in that the members are chosen to represent various aspects of the Emory Community. The SAB advises the EAB on student programs and connections, and members frequently participate in board meetings.

The SAB strives to:

To apply to the SAB, please send an email requesting an application to one of the co-presidents listed below. The SAB executive board reviews applications during the beginning of each fall semester. If you have any questions about the Student Alumni Board, please do not hesitate to contact one of the SAB's co-presidents.

Uma Veerappan 16C , Co-President
Kaiyue (Tom) Zhu 16B,

Student Alumni Board Signature Programming
Student Organization Sponsorship Program
Dinner with 12 Strangers
Homecoming Weekend
Alumni Networking
100 Senior Honorary
Life 101
Emory Cares International Service Day
Senior Experience Committee
Commencement Weekend
Sophomore Pinning Ceremony
Lullwater Ambassadors
Garden Greets Women’s Networking Event
Student/Alumni Trivia Night
Student/Alumni Roundtables Networking Events


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