Emory Legacy Program

Who is an Emory legacy student?Legacy Reception

Any student who has at least one parent, grandparent, and/or sibling who is an alumnus/a of Emory University (undergraduate or graduate program) is considered to be a legatee.

What is the Emory Legacy Program?

Alumni and students are the most important people in the Emory community, and this program is designed to honor them as well as encourage their family to become part of the University's proud tradition. The Emory Legacy Program recognizes families for making an Emory education part of their family tradition. The program is offered to encourage the Emory spirit in students who are children, grandchildren, and/or siblings of Emory graduates. Generations of families have passed on the Emory tradition to their children, grandchildren, and siblings, and we want to help celebrate this special relationship.

The program helps these very important members of the Emory community stay in touch with the University and with other legacies through special programs, events, activities and networking opportunities, and rewards families for their continued generational support of Emory. This program is just one more way that we're strengthening the bond between the University, our alumni, and our students.

Are you an Emory legatee?

If you have been admitted to or are enrolled at Emory and if you have a parent, grandparent, or sibling alumnus/a of Emory, please fill out a Legacy Profile Form and you will be added to this exclusive Emory program. If you have any questions, please contact Carol So with the Emory Alumni Association at cjso@emory.edu or 404.712.8418.

Admission information for alumni families

The Emory University Office of Undergraduate Admission values the legacy connections of applicants and encourages students to accurately detail their University ties on their application.

Signature Legacy Programs

Legacy Brunch and Pinning Ceremony

Entering Legacy students and two guests are invited to celebrate and be recognized for continuing the Emory educational tradition. Students are presented with a specially designed Legacy pin by their Emory alumni family members. The event is by invitation only and traditionally held during Emory’s Family Weekend.

Legacy Pinning FAQs 

Commencement Legacy Breakfast and Medallion Ceremony

Graduating Legacy students of all schools and their families are invited to celebrate and be recognized on this special occasion. Emory alumni family members present each Legacy graduate with a specially designed Legacy medallion to be worn at Commencement. The ceremony is by invitation only and traditionally held the Saturday before Commencement.

Photo Slideshows

Fall 2010 Freshman Legacy Pinning Ceremony
2011 Commencement Legacy Medallion Ceremony
Fall 2011 Freshman Legacy Pinning Ceremony
2012 Commencement Legacy Medallion Ceremony
Fall 2012 Freshman Legacy Pinning Ceremony
2013 Commencement Legacy Medallion Ceremony
Fall 2013 Freshman Legacy Pinning Ceremony
2014 Commencement Legacy Medallion Ceremony

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