Emory Muslim Alumni


Emory Muslim Alumni (EMA) was created to enhance the sense of community among Muslim alumni at Emory. EMA was conceptualized in the spring of 1995 and was created on June 9, 1998. EMA is the first officially recognized Muslim alumni association at a university in the United States.


The vision of Emory Muslim Alumni is to coordinate alumni to represent the interests of Muslim alumni at Emory, support the activities of Muslim students currently at Emory, and facilitate the networking of Emory Muslim alumni.


EMA serves its membership, Emory University, and the Muslim community in many ways. Since its inception, EMA has hosted nationwide reunions in Atlanta. Among its activities, EMA has brought well-known speakers to Emory, sponsored training workshops on student leadership, presented career development forums, and placed undergraduates in internships and jobs across the country.

Haider Shamsi Award for Islamic Studies

The Haider Shamsi Award for Islamic Studies (HSAIS) was formulated as a legacy to celebrate the treasured memory of Dr. Haider Shamsi. Dr. Shamsi was a dedicated servant to the American-Muslim community and an advocate of Islam and Islamic education. At the time of his death in 1999, he was an associate professor of OB/GYN at Columbia University. HSAIS seeks to promote Islamic education and to foster the growth of the Muslim-American community. Established by Emory Muslim alumni in the spring of 1999, HSAIS recognizes outstanding character, academic excellence, and social contribution among Muslim students. Criteria for the award include community service, writing ability, and leadership skills.

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