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Join Emory Connects, our most recent upgrade to the Emory Online Community and serve as a career guide. Emory students are looking to connect with professionals for help with starting a career path, accomplishing goals, and understanding how to take their Emory education into the professional world. Career guidance relationships are valuable ways to sharpen your leadership skills.

Volunteer as a Career Guide

Career Discovery Days

Volunteer to host one or several of Emory's future leaders in your workplace for a day or half day. Serving as a host is a great way to give back to Emory, build your Emory network by meeting other hosts, and connect you with future job candidates for your organization.

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Other Volunteer Opportunities

Be part of the Emory Career Network by volunteering to be a resource about your career path, job, or industry. Participate in networking events, serve on career-related panels, or share your professional expertise with students or alumni on Twitter. You'll receive information about opportunities in your area. In the volunteer form below, check the box for Emory Career Network.

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