Tour Operators

To provide you with the best possible travel experience, the Emory Travel Program works only with reputable tour operators. If you decide to visit one of our travel partners' websites and book an independent program directly, be sure to indicate that you are with the Emory Travel Program. Tuscany 2011

Our list of travel partners includes:

AHI International


Founded in 1962, AHI is a creative travel company recognized around the world for its design and operation of deluxe international travel programs. To many Americans, AHI is known as Alumni Holidays, the premier operator of travel programs offered by college and university alumni associations. 

AESU World Travel


For more than 35 years, AESU has been a leader in educational worldwide travel. The first to specialize in young alumni travel, AESU pioneers innovative, inspiring and fun programs by creating exceptional travel, social and lifestyle experiences. We travel the world’s coolest destinations, emphasizing active, inspiring and educational itineraries. Our like-minded travelers create a group dynamic that balances individuality, flexibility and spontaneity.

China Advocates


Over the last two decades China Advocates has emerged as the leading American company creating deluxe and unique China travel experiences. Custom itineraries focus on Chinese art, culture, history, modern life and eco-tourism. China Advocates has focused solely on China tour operations for 26 years. They have an office in San Francisco and a “sister” branch in Beijing as well. This company has been a labor of love for owners Charlotte Xu and Howard Dewar, who spend months in China each year refining their product and operations.  

Classic Escapes

1.800.627.1244 ext. 17

Classic Escapes' mission is to provide exciting, educational, and fun-filled travel experiences that nurture and directly support the diverse wildlife and cultures we visit around the world. Classic Escapes feels that travel is the best tool for building the mutual respect, awareness, and understanding that are vital to preserving this planet for future generations. The company's talented team of experienced travel professionals are world-travelers themselves. Their experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and attention to detail has won the support and repeat business of major organizations and individuals seeking outstanding travel around the globe.

Go Next


For more than 30 years, Go Next has been designing and operating quality trips that appeal to all age groups. The programs are designed for both the group traveler as well as the independent traveler. Go Next travelers have the flexibility to explore on their own or choose from the selection of optional excursions led by expert guides.



Orbridge represents a new breed of alumni travel with a focus on select destinations and intimate departures with top accommodations and small, deluxe ships. All programs are designed with the understanding that education is an essential part of travel, and the itineraries, excursions, local guides, and lectures are geared to provide guests an in-depth view of a region, ecosystem, or culture. 

Odysseys Unlimited


Founded in 1998, Odysseys Unlimited has emerged as a leader in affordable, high-quality small group travel. Odysseys Unlimited offers fully-escorted tours and cruises to destinations throughout the world. With groups limited to 24 guests, they can provide an intimate, authentic travel experience with a high level of personal service.

TCS & Starquest Expeditions



TCS & Starquest Expeditions operates innovative journeys to legendary places by private jet, with an emphasis on in-depth educational experiences and highly personalized services. The expeditions are moderately active, usually feature multiple destinations, are two to three weeks long, and go around-the-world or are regionally-focused. They come complete with a team of renowned experts in history, art, and other fascinating fields; the group also includes an expedition physician, an expedition chef, and an experienced and professional tour staff. Travelers are given insider access to hidden places, some of the finest accommodations available, and exclusive events featuring traditional entertainment and delicious local cuisine. Itineraries are designed to be flexible so that travelers can follow their passion with their choice of many personalized excursions at almost every destination.

Thomas P. Gohagan & Company


For more than 25 years, Gohagan has operated deluxe group travel programs to destinations around the world. Gohagan's unique itineraries and educational components are paired with the style and comforts of the world's finest cruise ships, trains, and hotels, and are enhanced by world-class guides and academic experts.

Voyages to Antiquity


A Voyage to Antiquity cruise experience is a journey not only for the amateur or professional historian, but also for people who simply want to understand the history, art, myths and architecture of the ancient world. These journeys, however, are not only about history. As well as visiting breathtaking archaeological treasures, travelers will also see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and experience the magnificent food and wine of the Mediterranean aboard a mid-size ship adapt for island and coastal cruising.

Travel Insurance Services


Established in 1973, USI Travel Insurance Services (TIS) is an independent insurance agency/brokerage serving the insurance needs of the alumni travel community. Working only with financially strong US admitted insurers, TIS has designed revolutionary coverage for travelers. TIS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the USI Holdings Corporation and is headquarted in the San Francisco Bay Area, California License #OD95561.


Please note that Emory University does not conduct tours, nor does it act as an agent for guests interested in tours. The Emory Travel Program acts as a facilitator with tour operators, with whom tour participants make arrangements for travel. The Emory Travel Program is pleased to act as a liaison with tour operators should you have any questions or concerns that may arise before, during, or after your tour. The Emory Travel Program strongly encourages you to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the tour operator's cancellation and refund policies, and also highly recommends the purchase of comprehensive travel insurance. The University is not responsible for changes to trips or travel arrangements or for losses or additional expenses resulting from travel.