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Receive news of opportunities to be a resource to students and other alumni who want to learn more about your industry, specialty, or career path. Check “Emory Career Network” from our special interests communications list.

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Be a Career Contact

Volunteer to be a career contact by accessing your personal profile in the online alumni directory, clicking to update the “Professional” section using the indicated button, and choosing “Yes” from the drop-down asking “Would you like to be a Career Contact?” Respond to inquiries from students and alumni at your convenience concerning your job, career path, and industry. Career contacts are valued members of the Emory Career Network. Or email a request to ecn@emory.edu.

Join the Emory community on LinkedIn and Facebook

Join thousands of alumni in the Emory Alumni Association’s LinkedIn group and subgroups. Build your network and make important connections while joining discussions, sharing job opportunities, and serving as a resource to others.

Connect via Facebook with the Emory Alumni Association, thousands of alumni and students, and chapters and interest groups in your area.

Be a Resource

Be part of the Emory Career Network by volunteering to be a resource about your career path, job, or industry. Participate in networking events, serve on career-related panels, or share your professional expertise with students or alumni. You'll receive information about opportunities in your area. Register to receive volunteer opportunities.

Emory Parents

Thank you for being an Emory parent! If you are interested in being available as a career contact for interested Emory students and alumni, register to receive volunteer opportunities. "Think Emory first" and post internships/job opportunities for students and alumni or learn more about recruiting at Emory.


Alumni Career Services

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