Highlight: Goizueta: What's your affinity?

Jonathan Russell

by Jonathan Russell
Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Goizueta Business School
July 2010

Goizueta Business School’s office of alumni relations provides learning opportunities and ways for alumni to connect with each other and with the school. Over the last two years, we have reached out to many of our alumni, asking what ideas resonated with them.

Many Goizueta alumni expressed the desire to meet other alumni who share their professional interests and experiences. Consequently, the Goizueta Alumni Board has embraced this concept as one of its strategic initiatives and is working closely with the Goizueta office of alumni relations to support volunteers interested in creating alumni groups based on professional affinity.

Our office is extremely excited to work with Atlanta-area alumni volunteers to help create these new, informal groups that will meet regularly to network and provide educational opportunities in a variety of professional interests.

Three Goizueta alumni affinity groups already exist: Executive Women of Goizueta, Goizueta Alumni in Real Estate, and the Goizueta Alumni Entrepreneurship Network. Our new alumni outreach efforts have resulted in the creation of five more volunteer-driven affinity groups: Business Development/Corporate Strategy, Corporate Finance, Healthcare, Marketing, and Technology.

Groups follow three guidelines: they must sponsor at least one on-campus event during the school year, sponsor at least one off-campus event, and maintain an online presence on a social networking site, such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

In addition, each group is encouraged to connect with current students interested in their industry or functional area. These affinity groups offer alumni participants a forum to enhance their professional network, enrich their personal and professional experience through ongoing education, and impact the Goizueta and broader Emory communities. Since each group maintains an online presence, alumni anywhere may join and participate.

All members of the Emory alumni community are invited to join Goizueta’s affinity groups. Network participants exchange ideas and information about professional paths, industry trends, and the local and regional business environment. There will be opportunities throughout the year to assist students, faculty, and school-sponsored programs.

For details or to join a group’s email list, contact me at 404.727.3147 or jonathan_russell@bus.emory.edu.

Jonathan Russell
is the associate director of alumni relations for Goizueta Business School, and works with alumni in Atlanta and around the world, connecting them to the school and each other. He has more than 10 years of experience in the nonprofit and corporate sectors.