Johnson, Mitchell-Spurlock, Slabach, and Walker

Meet the 2018 Emory Medalists

Crystal Johnson 00N, Laura Mitchell-Spurlock 95Ox 97N, and Jason Slabach 13N embody the best of the nursing school, the alumni community, and of Emory. Not only did they step up to care for the very first patient with Ebola on American soil, these three served as inspirational examples to their colleagues, to the nursing community, to the Emory community, and to the world at large. In a time when fear was rampant regarding the deadly disease, Johnson, Mitchell, and Slabach were among the first to expose themselves to the hazardous conditions. And when the danger had passed, they served as the face of bravery, making public appearances to educate the community and videos to show how to wear protective gear. Perhaps most significantly, they calmed a frightened public as they demonstrated that with skill, protection, and compassion it is possible to conquer even the deadliest diseases.

Few people have made as deep an impact on the Emory medical community as Dr. Kenneth Walker 56Ox 58C 63M 65MR 70MR 71MR. Over six decades, Dr. Walker has taught more than 5,000 students, written groundbreaking journal articles and classic textbooks, and was a pioneer of electronic medical record keeping. He’s represented the university internally as president of the University Senate, externally as a chair of review committees at the National Institute of Health, and internationally in the country of Georgia with partnerships to advance both clinical practice and medical education. Dr. Walker has made an indelible mark on the field of medicine and has won too many awards to list in the space we have. Every day, Dr. Walker is a credit to Emory.

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President Wagner greet's the 2014 Emory Medalists.

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