About the EAA

The Emory Alumni Association (EAA) helps Emory's 133,000 alumni get informed about, get connected to, and get involved with their alma mater.

The EAA hosts presidential and faculty speakers, networking and professional gatherings, social events, and many more activities on the Emory campus, across the country, and around the world.

The EAA keeps the spirit of Emory alive through its alumni. We want alumni to feel connected to the University so that you understand no matter where you are, Emory is with you.

All current or former students of the university who have completed one academic year in good standing in a degree-conferring school of the university, or who have graduated from a degree-conferring school of the university, shall be members of the EAA.

EAA Staff

Mission, Vision, and Values

Visit our Mission, Vision, and Values page to learn more about the EAA and our service-oriented activities and goals.

Strategic Plan

The Emory Alumni Association's Strategic Plan takes survey results from alumni and translates them into action. Find out now how you'll benefit and how the EAA helps you get informed about, get connected to, and get involved with Emory.

Staff Listing

The EAA staff is is always available to assist you, take comments, and answer questions. Visit our Staff Listing to find the person most suited to help you.

Alumni Demographics

Visit our Alumni Demographics page to view a statistical summary of Emory's 133,000-strong alumni population.

Alumni Awards

The EAA presents a selection of awards to distinguished alumni who have exhibited outstanding contribution to the Emory community or abroad. Learn more about these awards and how you can nominate someone who exemplifies the Emory spirit.