Alumni Awards

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The Emory Alumni Association presents three awards to distinguished alumni who have exhibited outstanding contribution to the Emory community or abroad. The EAA also supports the Emory Center for Women's Unsung Alumna Heroine Award. 

Emory Medal

2014 Emory Medal RecipientsThe Emory Medal is the highest University award given to alumni. It honors distinguished service to Emory or the Emory Alumni Association (EAA), service to the community, and outstanding professional achievement. It was first awarded in 1946, when it was known as the Alumni Association Award of Honor. The award was not given again until 1949, and has since been presented almost annually to one or more recipients. Although it was established as an alumni award, non-alumni have occasionally received Emory Medals. 

The current Emory Medal was designed and cast in 1987. The medal is emblazoned with Emory's seal, which features the University motto: Cor prudentis possidebit scientiam. The motto translates to "The prudent heart will possess knowledge."

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J. Pollard Turman Alumni Service Award

J. Pollard TurmanThe J. Pollard Turman Alumni Service Award recognizes Emory alumni who have demonstrated exceptional volunteer leadership in alumni-related activities. The award's namesake, J. Pollard Turman 34C 36L, was an influential humanitarian whose support of higher education and cultural organizations benefited institutions throughout Georgia. In 1996, through the generosity of the Tull Charitable Foundation (an organization Turman helped form), Emory established the award to pay tribute to Turman's lifelong contributions to the University. The Turman award recognizes Emory alumni who, following graduation, have performed extraordinary service or made outstanding contributions of time, expertise, and leadership to Emory, and whose devotion to their alma mater can be expected to continue maturing.

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Judson C. Ward Golden Heart Award

Dr. Ward

The Judson C. Ward Golden Heart Award was established in May of 2010 in honor of its namesake and first recipient. This award, given by the EAA, recognizes Emory alumni who have demonstrated the values beheld tirelessly by Dr. Judson “Jake” Ward. 

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Unsung Alumna Heroine Award

2012 Unsung Heroine Award RecipientsAn Unsung Heroine is a woman who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to issues that affect women at Emory or in the larger community, but whose efforts have not received publicity or formal recognition. The Center for Women at Emory created the Unsung Heroine Award in 1998, and the award has since been given annually. Beginning in 2001, the awards have included a category specifically for alumnae. Other categories include awards for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, administrators, staff, and retirees. It is common for Emory alumnae to receive Unsung Heroine Awards in some of these other categories.

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